Saturday, 12 May 2012

The M factor - Motivating factor

What motivates you?

Have you ever gave it a thought, what motivates you to do whatever you do in your life?;
What is the reason behind your every action?
Why sometime you go an extra mile to do something, to meet someone?
Why there are days, when you just jump out of your bed and there are days when you don’t feel like getting out of your bed?
Why some days are great and some days are just…..

What are the reason for what we do, why don’t we just fritter our lives and why do some people do fritter their lives?

The first thing that comes to my mind as answer is that it depends ‘what is more important for the respective person is what motivates that person to do any endeavor he does’. There is a detailed study on the motivating factors which are behind every human emotion or action but we will discuss that in some other point in time.

I have read many books on motivation and self improvement and believe me when I say that almost all of them were right in what they say, it’s just that some of the advise suited me better than others. But over the period I have learned a simple fact that action leads to motivation, which leads to another action, which leads to solutions or achievements, which in turn leads to motivation.

Motivation generated from reading a good book is ephemeral until you convert the advise into action. I have learned that the greatest motivating factor in my life is achievement (which comes from the actions I take).

There are 3 simple steps to keep you motivated, they are:

1.       Take action: As and when you like anything, immediately start with taking 1 action that takes you near to your target.

2.       Read, read, read and read: Read as much as you can… there is wisdom of centuries in books, you can see history of ancient times from the eyes of the people present there in time. Read something good every morning.

3.       Have targets with deadlines: Have your targets ready. Your daily target, weekly targets, monthly targets and your yearly targets which should be in line with your life goal. Goals gives you sense of direction and it motivates you when you where are you going.

Set the deadlines against each of your targets, deadlines help you to maintain track of your progress.

Remember having set goals with deadlines is the most important factor in this system of staying motivated.

Believe me, if you will follow this system, you will always be motivated in your life, ready to jump on to the next action….

So keep reading, stay motivated and achieve more…

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And always remember, life is good!!!!